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Mx8XX Downloads

This section is for downloading software files for Mx8XX Series terminals.

Mx Integration Toolkit

Title Version Date Release Notes

Mx8XX Operating System Major Release Downloads

Terminal Version Date Release Notes
MX800 series OS Upgrade bundle that includes COM3 Firmware, will upgrade any unit from any version of RFS00016 or RFS00017 to RFS00018. Make sure to only install the contents of zipped file onto terminal. RFS00016 or 17 to RFS00018 + 2 SCs + Com3FW* March 30, 2011 RFS00018.pdf*

Mx8XX OS Service Packs and Packages

Title Version Release Notes
Payment Demo Application (zipped) 3.1b* *
Mx800 Smart Card Reader Patch Firmware 21.09* FSN 15-10-002 - MX8xx Smart Card Reader DevNet.pdf*
MX800 Series SSL Package - OpenSSL v1.0.1j 1.2* SW-MX8SDKUPD-TLSV12.txt*
MX800 Series PPP Package 2.4.4-vfi.05 (Install) 2.4.4-vfi.05* ppp_releaseNotes.doc*
MX800 Series PAYware Vision (VPSec) Bundle Package (single install for vpsec 2.03/vfissh 1.23/openssl 0.9.8l). Install contents of zip file only.
2.03* *
COM 3 Firmware version 2.0 for installation on RFS00018 units. If a unit took an upgrade path to RFS00018 that did not install the COM 3 Firmware version 2.0, then this package can be used to install. Install only the contents of the zip file. 2.0* *

RFS00018 Service Pack 1 (zipped) This file will upgrade an MX800 series unit with RFS00018 to service pack 1. Make sure to only load the contents of the zipped file onto the terminal.


1.(04)* Mx800-RFS00018_SP1.pdf*

MX800 Series Contactless Module Libraries - 4.31 Version
Latest support for Gen 3, Google Wallet NFC, VeriShield Protect

4.31* *

MX800 Series SSH Package (Install contents of zip file only)

01.23* vfissh_releaseNotes.doc*

DTKs or SDKs and SDK Component Packages

Title Version Release Notes
VeriTar archiving utility for Mx 2.6.5* README.txt*
SSH SDK Component Package 12* VFIMx800SDKPkg_vfissh.pdf*
PPP SDK Component Package 01* VFIMx800SDKPkg_ppp01.pdf*
Mx800 Series Video Converter Tool
3.0* README_Video_Converter.txt*
MX800 Downloader utility 2.6.4* README.txt*
MX CARDSLOT V3.0.0 3.0.0* MX_CardSlot_3.0.0_Readme.pdf*
Development Tool Kit (DTK) for SDK-2.0v (required base DTK) 2.0v* README_2.0v_1.txt*

Mx800 Development Tool Kit (DTK) 4.06 (update to base DTK)
supports development for Mx8XX OS versions through RFS00018


4.06* *
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